Enrique Iglesias necesita VIAGRA!!
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Enrique, Enrique, siempre él con sus declaraciones provocadoras. No hay duda que ademas de guapo es un cantante bastante mediático por sus declaraciones sin importarle lo que piense la gente.

En una reciente entrevista en el Show de Cristina, Enrique dijo: "A mi no me gusta el viagra, pero la necesito". Upsss.... al parecer, Anna no está bien atendida por el más cuero de los cantantes latinos. Pero vaya a ver si esto es cierto o es una nueva tomadura de pelo a los periodistas! (Vía: Hollyscoop).

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Win One of 10 Free Books Offered in Drawing for Happy for the Rest of Your Life by Dr. Gregory Jantz
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Happy for the Rest of Your Life

Happy for the Rest of Your Life

By Dr. Gregory L. Jantz with Ann McMurray @ www.aplaceofhope.com

Okay, maybe the title is a little presumptuous, but it's intriguing also, isn't it? (Happy for the Rest of Your Life – is that really possible?
And is that happiness for all of life or just parts of it? What does he mean by happy? Giddiness? Contentment? Cheerfulness? Glee? Delight? Those aren't words I normally associate with my life!)

Deep down, though, doesn't everyone want to be happy for life? While there may be one or two hiding out somewhere, reveling in despair, most people want to be happy. They may not, deep down, think it's possible but it's still a deep-seated desire – a sort of wishful thinking, someday, maybe, if only, kind of desire. So, some may feel Happy for the Rest of Your Life is a bit presumptuous as a title; others may feel Happy for the Rest of Your, as a concept, is a bit presumptuous for your own life. But the Happy in the title isn't just some sort of generic happiness for some unnamed person's life; it's meant for you, today, in your own life, right in the midst of whatever circumstances you find yourself in. It is possible but it's not necessarily easy.

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Dr. Jantz has generously donated 10 books to be given away in this drawing!


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